Green Feathers Wireless Bird Box Camera

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Designed to sit inside a bird nesting box, such as our camera-ready nest box (sold separately) this wireless nest box camera lets you watch incredible live close up images on your TV as chicks hatch and grow.

6 night vision LEDs allow wireless nest box camera to record clear video in completely unlit boxes without disturbing the birds.

This camera connects to a TV via a wireless receiver. The receiver connects to your TV via RCA/composite cables (yellow and white). More modern TVs may require a HDMI adaptor (cheaply available online). Both the camera and receiver require a mains power
supply (battery packs are available for the camera).

Kit consists of a camera which requires a power supply either via a mains connection (provided) or a rechargeable battery pack (available separately from Green Feathers and a receiver that connects to your TV via the audio visual cables and also requires a mains power connection.

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