Wooden Solitary Bee Nest Box- Handcrafted in the UK

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This bee box has been specifically designed to provide an ideal nesting site for solitary bees in your garden.

Handcrafted in Norfolk from solid FSC approved timber, it contains 81 cardboard nesting tubes in which the female bee can lay her eggs.

Good hygiene is essential in your bee house to prevent the build up and spread of deadly parasites and diseases. The tubes in this box can be removed and replaced once the young bees have emerged in spring, helping to keep the unit safe for the next inhabitants.  

The Solitary Bee Nest Box should be fixed securely to a sunny south or east facing wall or fence, at least one metre off the ground with the entrance free from obstructions such as plants.  

Find out more about solitary bees here: Guide to Solitary Bees in Britain | The Wildlife Trusts

  • Size approx. 15cm high, 19cm wide and 20cm deep.
  • Available in a number of colours, the paints used are non-toxic and water based.
  • Wood grain and small details may vary from photos.

Here at the Wildlife Trust BCN, we're committed to increasing the sustainability of our products as much as possible by:

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