Wildflower Seed Balls

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Each Seedball wildflower seed tin contains at least 20 Seedballs, with each Seedball containing between 30 and 50 seeds, depending on the variety.

Seedballs work well in both garden beds, on balconies or even in window boxes. No need to plant them, simply scatter on top of the soil.

The clay outer acts as a protective casing from common predators such as ants & birds and the chilli powder in the clay continues to deter predators while the Seedball slowly degrades and the seeds sprout.

The seeds begin to germinate when sufficient rain permeates the clay, helped along by the nutrients contained within the ball.

For the best results sow in Spring and Autumn and keep well watered to help germination.

Seedball Bee Mix:
Birdsfoot trefoil
Wild marjoram
Red clover

Seedball Butterfly Mix:
Red campion
Purple loosestrife
Musk mallow

Seedball Urban Meadow Mix:
Common toadflax
Meadow cranesbill
Oxeye daisy
Red campion
Musk mallow

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