Kingfisher Brooch

Kingfisher Brooch

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This majestic Silver and Amber Kingfisher Brooch will make a precious keepsake for any nature lover.

Handcrafted in 925 silver and adorned with beautiful vibrant Turquoise stones and genuine Baltic Amber gemstones. These gemstones have been carefully selected to bring this inclusive bird to life. Featuring delicate detailing and intricate silver work, this wonderful brooch is a delightful tribute to one of the worlds most recognisable birds. Complete with a solid silver pin and safety clasp, so it can be worn with confidence.

The Kingfisher was said to be the first bird to fly from Noah's Ark. The Kingfisher supposedly received the orange of the setting sun on its breast and the blue of the sky on its back. It is considered a symbol of peace, promising prosperity and love.

The perfect gift for any bird watcher, wildlife enthusiast or animal obsessive. 

Stone: Genuine Baltic Amber, Reconstituted Turquoise.
Material: 925 Silver.
Approximate size: 32mm x 20mm.

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