Simon King Cabin Nester

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A charming country cabin nester for your friendly garden robin. Developed by Wildlife World and TV naturalist and wildlife cameraman Simon King OBE whose lifetime’s knowledge of filming and observing nesting birds has informed this design.

Many small wild bird species such as Robins, wrens and flycatchers prefer an open style nesting site with easy access. However they also like to be concealed from the prying eyes of predators. The Simon King Cabin Nester design features both an open entrance door as well as a secluded nest space behind the side wall.

In addition to nesting, small birds may use the cabin as a shelter from harsh weather. In finding cover they are able to save essential body fat which enables their survival during tough times.

A metal frame gives the cabin strength. The roof has a cosy liner. A rattan landing platform & low wall forms the divide between entrance and roosting or nesting space. The perfect property for a robin to raise a family or to hunker down in Winter.


Made of sustainable brushwood the cabin is lightweight and it can easily be wired into a hedge, ivy or attached to a wall. Fix using the spare loop of fixing wire supplied.


Carefully remove any previous nesting material between seasons.

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