Browning Specs Ops Advantage Trail Cam 1

Browning Specs Ops Advantage Trail Cam

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The Browning Spec Ops Advantage in particular delivers fantastic quality video footage, day and night. If you’re looking for a camera to take great videos, this might well be the one for you. There are two choices for video resolution – ‘Ultra’ and ‘High’. Ultra is uncompressed 1080p HD video. The quality is undoubtedly amazing, but the file sizes are very large – over 400MB per video. Choosing ‘High’ resolution means the same 1080p and video quality is almost as good, but the file sizes are much more manageable. Another bonus is that day and night videos are 60fps when in ‘Ultra’ mode – the highest available on any camera currently This means smooth footage, in addition to the brilliant quality. The LEDs are no-glow and have an impressive max. range of about 60ft. The camera has a setting which allows you to tweak the flash based on your requirements; Power Save, Fast Motion or Long Range. The Browning Spec Ops Advantage can detect movement out to about 80ft and has the new ability to adjust the sensitivity and therefore the detection ranges to between 55-80ft. You can also adjust the trigger speed of the camera to between 0.4 and 0.7 seconds – if you have a slow or fast moving animals, for example. This new model adds a faster recovery time too, down to 0.6 seconds. The forward-facing colour screen not only lets you view the images/videos captured, but is invaluable during set up as it shows exactly what the camera can see – so if you’ve set it too high, a look at the screen will tell you and you can then adjust.

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