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Tracks and Signs

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Many mammals are shy or nocturnal, and this makes them difficult to see. But field signs - like tracks, droppings, burrows, nests and evidence of feeding - are much easier to find. FSC Mammal Tracks and Signs Chart features clear illustrations of the tracks left by mammals with paws (dog, fox, cat, rabbit, hare, otter, mink, polecat, pine marten, badger, weasel, shrew, hedgehog, mouse, rat, water vole and squirrel), and prints left by mammals with cloven hooves (sheep, wild boar and different species of deer). Text on the reverse side includes illustrated guides to the droppings produced by each mammal burrows of fox, badger, rat, water vole, dormouse, hedgehog, squirrel and harvest mouse feeding signs left by dormouse, wood mouse, bank vole, squirrel and water vole

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