Displays bat`s ultrasonic echolocation calls as they fly. Identifies bat species from the echolocation calls. The accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone or iPad, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. iOS Device Compatibility: The devices listed below are compatible with Echo Meter Touch 2 and Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro with iOS version 9 or higher. There is no guarantee that future iOS versions (released each year in the fall) will work on older devices on this list. With each new iOS version, more processing is required to run the increasingly advanced features. For this reason, it will be necessary for us to remove older devices from this list annually. • iPhone X (180° screen rotation is not currently supported, but will be added in a future app update) • iPhone 8 Plus • iPhone 8 • iPhone 7 Plus • iPhone 7 • iPhone SE • iPhone 6s Plus • iPhone 6s • iPhone 6 Plus • iPhone 6 • iPad Pro (all models) • iPad (all models released after March 2017) • iPad Air 2 • iPad Mini 4 • iPod Touch (6th generation)