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For children of all ages, bat detecting can be a very exciting alternative to being sat at their computers and TV's, and can really capture their imagination, there is little more exciting for a child than going on a bat hunt in the woods at dusk (With a little supervision of course!) Despite being aimed at kids and branded with a cartoon bat, this is a highly capable bat detector, giving you high ultrasonic sensitivity and good features at a reasonable price. The selected frequency will be displayed on the LED display which will you to identify the species. The display is dimmed to a low brightness to provide good readability at dawn and at night without overexerting your eyes. The precise electret measurement microphone supplies the heterodyne circuits with a clear signal which will be transformed into the audible range. The detector covers the frequency range from 18 kHz up to 130 kHz and the software ensures a good signal across the whole range. The integrated memory chip gives you a recording time of about 3 seconds to allow you to record a call quickly and simply. You can replay the call for yourself, you can show it to friends or even transfer it by using a recording device attached to the headphone jack. When you switch the detector on you have to confirm it by pressing another button to confirm it to avoid accidental use. The handling is intuitive and is designed to be simple to use for children despite its capabilities. Volume and recording are controlled by push buttons on the front of the detector and the frequency dial on the side gives you fast access to change quickly if needed. The BATz 2.0 runs on a 9 volt battery (Not included with the device). The internal low battery function shows you when it's time to replace the battery.